Martinis and Makeovers 2010



Last week I volunteered my time and skills at the Georgetown Ritz-Carlton for the annual Martinis and Makeovers put on by the Got Your Back Network. The event is a night out for military wives who have lost their husband in the line of duty. It was an eye-opening night. We’ve been at war since before I moved to D.C., so it’s very easy for us regular civilians to forget about the sacrifices the military and their families are making on our behalf. After hearing the widows tell their stories to the people in attendace, I can safely say it won’t be far from my thoughts. Each of them had children, many more than one.



The night featured drink specials at the bar and a silent auction that included all sorts of really great prize packages. There were two other photogs covering the event with me so we split up duties so we wouldn’t all end up with the same shots. I took the step and repeat duties.





If you’re interested in helping out military families in any way, I would definitely recommend getting in touch with Andy Baldwin and the Got Your Back Network. All the wives in attendance went out of their way to tell everyone how great it made them feel to know they aren’t forgotten. Apparently they don’t get much help in the way of support and services from the military so they rely more on civilian donations and care.



Thanks to Andy Baldwin and Susan Roberts for inviting me to be a part of the event! Here’s the full photo set:

Martinis and Makeovers 2010 – Images by Kyle Gustafson

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