9:30 Club Concerts

Mew @ 9:30 Club

An internet friend made a mix CD for me way back in the early-to-mid 00’s and he included “Am I Wry? No” by Mew and I absolutely fell in love with that song. I tried to track down as much music from Mew as possible and shortly thereafter they released “And The Glass Handed Kites” and I listened to “Special” something like 400 times in a row. I’ve only seen the band twice since then, once at the Black Cat and once at DAR opening for The Pixies.

They returned to D.C. in October to headline the 9:30 Club with The Dodos in tow and the gig reminded me of everything I love (the music!) and hate (the lighting! Ugh!) about the band. The band also requested that we not block anyone’s view in the photo pit and squat down while we shot, which led to a bunch of photos of me looking up Joans Bjerre’s nose. Jonas is an amazing singer but he doesn’t move around much and stays in the same pose whenever he sings.

Lastly, and most importantly, Mew’s Auber-shredding guitarist Bo Madsen left the band in 2015, and even though his replacement did admirably, Mew is not the same band with Bo. He’s left the door open to return to the band so I have my fingers crossed I’ll get to see him onstage with Mew someday.

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