9:30 Club Concerts

Megadeth @ 9:30 Club


I had a tough decision last Monday.  Megadeth at the 9:30 Club or Janelle Monae at the Black cat.  I REALLY wanted to shoot Monae but ultimately decided to go for Megadeth because of the better lights and photo pit, which would mean less standing around before the show.  And besides, you can never go wrong shooting a big metal show.



While there was no shortage of guitar shredding, I was surprised at the lack of movement and animation from Dave Mustaine and Co.  But I figured that just wasn’t their thing.  The lights were pretty great and there was lots of posing while shredding from Mustaine, even if his hair was in his face most of the time.



I guess we got lucky at the D.C. show.  Megadeth stopped their show in Baltimore after three songs, blaming a fan that poured their beer on the sound board, shorting out the P.A. system.  They flew in another soundboard for the make up show the following night.  Rock.


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MegaDeth @ 9:30 Club – Images by Kyle Gustafson

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    March 31, 2010 at 11:52 am

    Love the Mustaine shots!

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