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Roger Waters @ DAR

What do you get when you put Roger Waters, Billy Corgan and Tom Morello on stage with a bunch of wounded war veterans? An incredible memorable gig and a very emotional night. This was a very special gig and I was go glad I was able to be in the room covering it. Every year Music Heals puts on a benefit concert for MusiCorps, an organization that uses music therapy to help veterans recovering from wounds sustained in the line of combat. No matter your stance on our military operations, it’s impossible not to be touched by these soldiers explaining how music literally saved them and provides their ongoing therapy. And these guys could play too! Captain Greg Galeazzi ripped off a few guitar solos despite not being able to bend his arm. It was incredible. Hearing Roger Waters do a bunch of Pink Floyd classics with Billy Corgan and Tom Morello wasn’t even the high point of the night. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take photos of Corgan and Morello, but that seemed very insignificant in the big scheme of things.

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