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Full Speed or Nothing, my photos show at the Wind-Up Space in Baltimore with Josh Sisk has come to an end but I still have photos for sale. I have sold a few photos, but everything below is available. All photos are mounted standouts from Mpix and they all look fantastic. If you’ve been thinking of getting some new art on your walls, now’s the time!

Large Photos (16×24), $150 each

These large photos look AMAZING.

Small photos (11×14) $100 each

All the photos above are 11×14, the last two (Zooey Deschanel & M.I.A.) are 14×11, so don’t be fooled by the larger images above. Again, all these prints look amazing and are ready to hang!

If you are interested in a print, I will try my best to meet you in person (if you are in the Metro-D.C. area) and we can make the transaction in person. I am willing to ship these prints but we will have to agree on a price.

All photos are standouts printed by MPIX. Find out more info on standouts here. I have a few other standouts hanging in my house and they look great.

If you need to get a sense of how big these prints are hanging on a wall, check out this BYT post.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions or want to make a purchase!

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