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Foals @ Lincoln Theatre

This was a fun show in a weird venue. I’ve seen more than a few rock shows at the Lincoln since it re-opened in 2013 and most of them have worked but this one really didn’t. This was a great example of a high-energy show where the band wasn’t getting the reciprocal energy from he crowd they were looking for. At one point in the show Yannis basically said “I want to get crazy in here but I can’t,” implying that the seats were holding the show back. Bummer. Even worse was not getting the obligatory Yannis crowd-surfing-while-playing-guitar photo that everyone else has. Because of the limitations of the venue, he just walked through the crowd rather meekly. In the dark. There was no photo pit from this show so I was basically shooting from the crowd, which isn’t much fun at the Lincoln. All that said, I did enjoy the show. Foals sounded brilliant and I’d definitely go see them again.

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