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La Roux @ 9:30 Club

After postponing her scheduled date at the 9:30 Club three separate times (twice for illness and once for the Snowpocalypse) British pop sensations La Roux finally took to the stage Wednesday night. Some of the people in the front row told me that they had been holding on to their original tickets for over a year.

Lighting for this show was fairly dark but there were a few bursts of light in each of the first three songs so I had no problem getting the shots I needed. But the photo pit provided its own set of problems.

The pit was very, very narrow and it was impossible for myself or the other two photographers to move around each other once we grabbed a position, so I was basically stationary for our allotted shooting time. Being so close to the stage also meant we were basically shooting up lead singer Elly Jackson’s nose.

Luckily for us she moved around the stage quite a bit and played the part of the lead singer perfectly. The crowd, which was sizable considering the very late start time, was going bananas for her.

I shot this show with my Nikon D3 and 24-70/2.8. I brought my prime lenses with me in case I needed them but the zoom range of the 24-70mm really came in handy for this show. Full photo set below:

La Roux @ 9:30 Club – Images by Kyle Gustafson

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