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Jonas Brothers @ Warner Theater



7 a.m. is not exactly rock n roll time, even for a tween act like the Jonas Brothers.  But that didn’t stop Live Nation from putting on a JoBros show in the early a.m. to help promote their new “No Ticket Fees in June 2010” promotion. 1000 lucky fans got to see a free concert by the Jonas Brothers and all they had to do was wait in line.



The band were in fine form just like the other two times I have seen them.  They’re probably up at that hour anyways. Seriously though, the band played a short set of four songs and then were joined on stage by Jason Garner, Live Nation’s CEO of Global Music, to help explain the company’s new ticket promotion.  After he left the stage, the band ran through their latest single “L.A. Baby.” And just like that, everyone left the venue and went about the rest of their day.  Honestly, despite having to get up at an ungodly hour, it was a great way to start they day.  I had all my photos edited and filed by 8:30 a.m.



At first we were told that we would have to shoot this gig from the soundboard so I rented a 300mm/2.8  because I wasn’t sure that my 70-200 would be long enough.  As it turned out we were allowed to shoot from anywhere we wanted but since the seats in the back were empty, I decided to shoot the gig from the back of the venue in order to get my money’s worth from my rented lens and to also get the crowd in my shots. It was an unusual vantage point to shoot from and I was very pleased with the results.



Be sure to read Monica Hesse’s recap of the show over on and also click through to the photo slideshow featuring some of my photos. And check out the full photo set below:

Jonas Brothers @ Warner Theater – Images by Kyle Gustafson

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