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Dave Matthews @ DAR


It’s no secret that Dave Matthews is one of music’s most popular performers, so when he plays an intimate (for him) show with his buddy Tim Reynolds at a venue like DAR Constitution Hall, it’s big news. Even more so for this show as it was a benefit for the Jane Goodall Foundation. Dave came out on stage before the show started and talked a bit about how seeing Goodall on TV at a young age had touched him deeply and then Jane joined Dave on stage and talked to the crowd about conservation and some fo the things they can do to help the planet. The crowd listened (somewhat) patiently and then Dave took his seat, grabbed his guitar and the night’s music started.




I shot this show with my Nikon D3 and D700 with a 24-70/2.8 and 70/200/2.8 VR I. I ended up using the longer lens for most for he work but the wide lens did come in handy for a few shots.




See the full photo set below:

Dave Matthews @ DAR – Images by Kyle Gustafson

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