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Sweden 2011

  • Lykke Li Performs at the 9:30 Club
    9:30 Club Concerts

    Lykke Li @ 9:30 Club

    Ever since I shot her at the Black Cat way back in 2008, I’ve been looking forward to shooting Lykke Li in a large venue and the upgraded lighting that would…

  • The_Concretes-20

    The Concretes

    I got 10 minutes of time from The Concretes before doors opened prior to their show at the Rock N Roll Hotel. Just enough time for me to set up this…

  • Little_Dragon-tn-31

    Little Dragon

    I caught up with Little Dragon right after their soundcheck at the Black Cat and was able to grab this photo before the band was whisked off to their dressing room.…

  • STdragon04tn
    Black Cat Concerts featured

    Little Dragon @ Black Cat

    After spending Friday night at the Black Cat for the Dismemberment Plan show, I turned around on Saturday and headed back there to catch Little Dragon. Like most people (I assume), I was…