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  • Ted Leo @ 9:30 Club
    9:30 Club Concerts

    Ted Leo @ 9:30 Club

    When I moved to D.C. in July 0f 2004 the very first show I saw in my new hometown was Ted Leo at the Black Cat.  It was my second time…

  • Editors-2520tn
    Club Shows Concerts

    Editors @ 9:30 Club

    Sunday night’s Editors show closed out a busy week of shooting for.  Normally I wouldn’t shoot five shows in five nights but that’s the way the schedule shook out.  I was…

  • TreyAnastasio-9416tn
    Club Shows Concerts

    Trey Anastasio @ 9:30 Club

    On this blog I talk a lot about the conditions I am forced to shoot under during the show, but for this gig, the challenging conditions occurred on the trip to…

  • Timbalandtn-8
    Club Shows Concerts

    Timbaland @ 9:30 Club

    You probably wouldn’t think hip-hop producer Timbaland is much of a performer (I know I was very skeptical going into this show), but you’d be surprised at the energy and showmanship…

  • Raekwon-7tn
    9:30 Club Concerts

    Raekwon @ 9:30 Club

    I know I sound like a broken record, but shooting hip-hop shows is not easy.  Rappers generally like to perform in the dark, have hats on that hide their features and…