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  • 9/11 photos by Kyle Gustafson

    9/11 Anniversary

    Every year on 9/11 I make sure to link to my photos from that fateful day. In some ways, it was the day that started me down the path to being…

  • Dead iMac Hard Drive

    The Importance of Backing Up Your Data

    Backup, backup, backup. And then backup your backups. It’s mantra that all the big-time photographers are always spouting, and with good reason. Backups aren’t a big deal until you need them,…

  • My photo in Rolling Stone!
    Blog featured

    Patti Smith in Rolling Stone

    Yesterday I got an email from a friend asking me if I had seen my photo in the latest issue of Rolling Stone. This was news to me so I took…

  • Eric Sanderson and Billy McCarthy, then of the band Pela, at DC9 in February of 2007.0

    Fort Lean & We Are Augustines

    It seems like it’s been a while since I saw a band that really impressed me (granted, I don’t stick around for more than a few songs these days) but I…

  • Adobe Lightroom 3 Logo

    Lightroom 4 Released Today

    The product releases keep coming. Today marks the release of Adobe Lightroom 4. According to Amazon you can buy it today and it ships tomorrow. There is a new price for this…

  • Canon 5D Mk III

    Canon Releases the 5d Mk III

    I really don’t understand Canon and Nikon. No major camera announcements for years (I don’t count the 7D or D7000 since they are crop cameras) and then four new full frame…

  • WashingtonPostlogo

    Rick Ross on Washington Post Homepage

    Yes you have to scroll down (a lot), but my photo of Rick Ross made the front page of yesterday. Check it out. I’ll have the full photo set up…