Rogue 24

Shrimp/Buben's gfits/bent & twisted

Rogue 24, helmed by chef RJ Cooper, got off to a rough start when it opened last year, mostly due to the controversy surrounding its “dining contract.” Since then things have calmed down a bit and people are focusing more on the food, served in 16 and 24 course tasting menus.


Chef RJ Cooper.

Chef Cooper recently went under the knife for open-heart surgery and a number of chefs have pitched in to help keep Rogue 24 open during his recovery. I shot Top Chef’s Bryan Voltaggio during his week in charge of the kitchen and will have those photos up soon.

The open kitchen.

R.J. Cooper, center, with his team: (from left) pastry chef Chris Ford, sous chef Mikey Maksimowicz, and sous chef Ryan Moore.

More food and interior shots in the gallery below.

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