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October 2010

  • Shakespeare_Awards-13

    Harman Center for the Arts Annual Gala

    Last Sunday the Shakespeare Theater Company had their annual ball, one of the ritziest in town each year. This year’s ball included an award presented to Annette Bening for her philanthropy…

  • Teenage-Fanclub-136
    9:30 Club Concerts

    Teenage Fanclub @ 9:30 Club

    Teenage Fanclub have been one of my favorite bands ever since I picked up a copy of Bandwagonesque way back in 1992. I’ve bought everything they’ve put out since and tried…

  • The_Vaselines-361tn
    9:30 Club Concerts

    The Vaselines @ 9:30 Club

    Most people know The Vaselines from the three songs that Kurt Cobain covered on a few different Nirvana albums. Those people probably don’t know The Vaselines had already broken up before…